Select Stone - Bozeman, Montana

Landscape Stones

Stone makes an attractive, low-maintenance landscape. The stones shown below include cobblestones and flagstone for patios and walkways, thick blocky stone for retaining walls, slabs for stair treads, and decorative boulders.

 Paving Stones

Stone is the original paving material from the times of the ancient Greeks and earlier.

Retaining Wall Stones

Retaining walls are commonly built from oversized blocky stone called “dry stack” because mortar is typically not used between the stones.

Stair Treads 

Stone slabs can be used for stair treads and also for bridges, mantles, hearths and lintels.

 Boulders and Slabs

Large boulders are used as landscape and water features and are also commonly incorporated into retaining walls.  Slabs can be used for bridges, ramps and other uses.

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