Select Stone - Bozeman, Montana

Stone Products from Select Stone

Select Stone provides stone for building walls, paving floors and patios and for landscaping. The products are divided below into these categories. Please follow the links to find the right stone for your project.

Building Stones

Building stone is any kind of stone used to construct building or retaining walls.  Building stones are subdivided into limestones, sandstones, fieldstones, granites and river rock.

Custom Cut Stone

Select Stone can fabricated arches, sills, caps, hearths, mantles and many other products.

Natural Stone Thin Veneer

Thin veneer is natural stone that has been cut to 1″-1 1/2″ thick for thin wall applications.  You can have the beauty of natural stone walls without the load-bearing requirements necessary for typical full-thickness stone.

Paving Stones

Stone is the original paving material from from Roman times and earlier.  The stones shown here are for paving floors, patios and driveways.

Landscaping Stones

Stone lends itself to attractive and durable landscape designs.  The stones shown here are for retaining walls, landscape paving, stair treads and landscape boulders.

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