Select Stone - Bozeman, Montana

Frontier® Sandstone Quarry

The Frontier Sandstone is a hard gray, tan and brown sandstone quarried in central Montana. The images below show parts of the quarrying process.

Frontier Sandstone is quarried in the plains of central Montana.

Slabs of Frontier are removed with excavators.

Slabs are split down to thickness.

Flagstone is sorted by thickness and palletized.

Good flagstone does not have any seams in it.

Some slabs are sawn into rectangular paving.

Finished sawn-edge paving.

Many Frontier products are cut to size on hydraulic stone splitters.

Stone splitters cut pieces to size.

Large tumblers are used to handle thicker material.

Thinner material is tumbled in vibrating beds of gravel.

A thin veneer saw is used to cut stone into natural thin veneer.


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