Select Stone quarries sandstone at several places in Montana. We have also source stone from quarries around the world for our projects.

Frontier® Sandstone Quarry

A hard gray, tan and brown sandstone quarried in central Montana.

Flatwillow Quarry

Select Stone quarries this fieldstone near Great Falls, Montana.

Other Quarries

Visiting quarries around the world is one of our favorite activities. Here are some interesting quarries we have found.

Marble Quarries near Cararra, Italy

The city of Cararra, Italy has been a marble quarrying and carving center for millenia. The marbles quarried in the Apuan Alps near Cararra were used for Michaelagelo’s David as well as countless other statues and structures during Roman times. These marbles are still quarried and shipped around the world. The images show active and ancient quarries that can be visited today.

Basalt Quarries

Basalt is a rock formed when a lava flow hardens on the surface of the earth. When the basalt cools and solidifies it often forms the polygonal columns shown in these images. Basalts are quarried in many parts of the world, including the western U.S.

Bluestone Quarries

Bluestone is a Devonian sandstone quarried extensively in northeastern Pennsylvania and southern New York. It has been used, primarily for pavements, for two centuries on the eastern coast of the United States. It is actively quarried at many locations and is shipped around the United States and Canada.

Limestone Quarries

Limestone and the related rocks dolomite and travertine are quarried throughout the world. Limestone quarries typically extract large quarry blocks which are then sawn and/or broken down into a great variety of products.

Brownstone Quarry

Brownstone is a Triassic sandstone that was deposited in parts of Connecticut and surrounding states. Brownstone was used extensively in the 17th and 18th centuries on many buildings in New York City and around the upper east coast of the U.S. Brownstone quarrying was a major industry for a long time; however, in 1936 during the depression a storm flooded the quarries and most were never reopened. The only quarry presently operating is by Portland Brownstone Quarries in Portland, CT.

Granite Quarries

Granites, along with related crystalline igneous and metamorphic rocks, are quarried throughout the world, particularly in China and India. Granites are typically quarried in large blocks which are then sawn down into everything from countertops to building stones.