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Historic Masonry

Stone is probably the oldest building material used by mankind. Shown below are photographs of unique stone masonry from around the world. Some of this stone work can be reproduced in the modern world, whereas some is clearly no longer possible or at least feasible.  Obviously, there is much more beautiful stonework in the world than is shown here.

Tuscany, Italy

Masonry styles from one of the most enchanting regions of the world.

The Cotswolds, England

Beautiful 17th through 19th century limestone buildings in Gloustershire, England.

rock-of-cashel.jpg Ireland

Ireland is the land of stone buildings ranging from quaint old farm buildings to beautiful castles.

anasazi-0050.jpg Anasazi Ruins

The stone masonry of a 13th-century Native American culture.

Sacsayhuman in Peru

Stonework on a scale that is difficult to grasp.

Pennsylvania Fieldstone Buildings

18th and 19th-century Pennsylvania stone houses.

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